Measures to be implemented in courthouses in response to COVID-19

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Measures to be implemented in courthouses in response to COVID-19

Quebec City, March 13, 2020 – Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Québec Sonia LeBel, in conjunction with the Superior Court of Québec, the Court of Québec and the Barreau du Québec, announced a series of measures to be implemented in courthouses across Québec as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

As of Monday, courthouse services will be greatly reduced. Only urgent matters will be heard. 

For instance, jury selection will be suspended as of Monday. Prospective jurors are asked not to come to the courthouse. 

A procedure has been established to inform people whose cases may be postponed as a result of this measure. We recommend that you contact your lawyer or the Ministère’s client contact centre at 1-866-536-5140. 

The following urgent judicial activities are maintained:

Civil and
family sector
Criminal sector
(adult and youth)
Penal sector
(adult and youth)
Youth protection sector

Application for
interim injunction

Seizures before

Orders for release
from seizure, quashing
of seizures
before judgment or
contested eviction orders

Delivery of notices of
execution (eviction)
following a decision
by a tribunal

Safeguard orders

Custody and support

Application for
art. 27 C.C.Q.

Application to
authorize confinement
in an institution art.
30 C.C.Q.

Consent to care
art. 14 C.C.Q.

Habeas corpus

Any other matter
deemed urgent
by the judge

Issuance of search warrants

Appearance of persons
who were arrested or
detained and adjudication
on failure to appear

Release hearing

Preliminary inquiry
and/or trial if the judge
determines urgency

Trial of pre-trial
detainees (if urgent)

Continuation of trials
in cases of assault against
minors when ordered
by a judge

Continuation of jury trials

Habeas corpus

Review of orders
made under section
515 of the Cr. C.
(s. 520 Cr. C.)

Issuance of search

Appearance of a
person arrested
in execution
of a warrant

Any other case deemed
urgent by the judge

Application to
extend immediate
protective measures
s. 47 Y.P.A.

Application for
provisional measures
or application for
mandatory temporary
s. 76.1 & 79 Y.P.A.

Application under
section 11.1.1 of the
Y.P.A. (intensive

Hearing on the
merits when the child
is removed from his/her
environment under
section 38 Y.P.A.

Applications for
when the judge
determines urgency

Applications under
ss. 35.2 and 35.3
of the Y.P.A.

These measures are subject to change as the situation evolves. 

The public may communicate with administrative tribunals and municipal courts to learn about the measures they will be implementing.


“Following the announcements made by the Prime Minister and public health authorities, we quickly coordinated with our partners to establish exceptional measures to protect the health and safety of citizens and staff while safeguarding citizens’ rights. I want to thank all partners involved for their responsiveness.” 

Sonia LeBel, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Québec

“The Barreau believes that judicial activity should be limited to essential functions to protect the public. Citizens should be able to focus on taking health precautions and organizing family activities instead of spending time at a courthouse.”

Paul-Matthieu Grondin, President of the Barreau du Québec

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