Obtaining assistance from the Central Authority for Québec to organize or secure rights of access

As the Central Authority for Québec, the Minister of Justice is responsible for ensuring that rights of access can be exercised, whether in Québec or in another State designated by the Act respecting the civil aspects of international and interprovincial child abduction. As a result, you can request assistance:

  • to organize rights of access to your child;
  • to secure your rights of access if you have difficulty exercising them.

To request assistance, you must complete the following steps.


Any parent who wishes to obtain or protect rights of access with his child.


Your child must:


To request assistance in organizing or securing rights of access, you must:

  1. complete the form Request for assistance in organizing or securing the exercise of rights of access and present:

    1. the arrangements you are offering the other parent for the exercise of rights of access (place, date, transportation, etc.), or
    2. the difficulties you have encountered in exercising your rights of access;

  2. file a document in which you relate the facts of the situation;
  3. include all the necessary documents;
  4. submit all the above elements.

All your documents must be written in French or English according to the State of destination.

However, in some cases you must have the documents translated into the language of the State where the other parent has sought refuge. If this is the case, we will indicate the language into which the documents must be translated.

Documents required

You must include the following documents with your request:

  • a copy of your child's birth certificate;
  • a photograph of your child;
  • a photograph of the other parent;
  • a list of the people you know (grandparents, other relatives, friends, neighbours, etc.) who may be able to help locate the child.

If the following documents exist, you must include them with your request:

  • a copy

    • of the homologated agreement on rights of access you reached with the other parent; or
    • the court judgment granting you rights of access;

  • a document describing the procedure you are proposing to the other parent for your visits and accommodation. 


There is no charge for the services we provide.

Of course, if you begin court proceedings, you will have to pay your lawyer. However, you should contact us first to find out if the State where your child is located:

  • offers the services of a lawyer free or charge; or
  • recognizes your eligibility for the legal aid offered by that country. 

Time limit

You can file a request for assistance at any time.

Child residing in Québec

We can also assist for the organization or protection of rights of access if your child resides in Québec. For more information, contact the Central Authority for your State.

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