Organizing or securing rights of access outside Québec

When your child is living outside Québec in one of these States, you may request assistance to:

  • organize access to your child
  • secure your rights of access if you have difficulty exercising them.

Cases not eligible for assistance:

  • You, your child and the other parent all reside in Québec

    Contact the local police or a lawyer:
  • Your child resides in another Canadian province

    Contact the local police or a lawyer
  • Your child resides abroad but not in one of these States

    Contact the local police, a lawyer or the Vulnerable Children’s Consular Unit at Global Affairs Canada.
  • Your child resides in Québec, but you live in one of these States, and you wish to organize or secure the exercise of rights of access granted by court order.

    As a parent, you cannot take action directly with the Gouvernement du Québec. The Central Authority of the State where you reside must contact the Gouvernement du Québec to initiate the process. The Gouvernement du Québec will then open your file.


The following conditions must be met before steps can be taken to organize or secure the exercise of rights of access outside Québec.

You must:

  • reside in Québec.

Your child must:


  1. Complete the form Request for Assistance in Organizing or Securing the Exercise of Rights of Access
  2. Attach the following documents:
  • A document detailing the arrangements you are proposing to the other parent for the exercise of rights of access (e.g., place, dates and transportation) or the difficulties you face to exercise your rights of access
  • A document summarizing the facts of the situation
  • A copy of your child’s birth certificate
  • A photo of your child
  • A photo of the other parent
  • A list of the people you know (e.g., grandparents, other relatives, friends or neighbours) who may be able to help us locate the child.

If they exist, also include the following documents:

  • A copy of:

    • the certified rights of access agreement you reached with the other parent; or
    • the court order granting you rights of access.

Note: All documents must be written in French or English, depending on the State.
However, in some cases, you must have them translated into the language of the State where your child is located. If so, we will notify you after reviewing your documents.

3. Mail the form and all documents to:

Direction du soutien aux orientations, des affaires législatives et de la refonte – Entraide internationale
Ministère de la Justice
1200, route de l’Église, 4e étage
Québec (Québec)  G1V 4M1
Telephone: 418 643-0424
Fax: 418 528-9716



The Gouvernement du Québec offers this service free of charge.

However, you will be responsible for any document translation costs.

Furthermore, if you initiate court proceedings, you will have to pay your lawyer in the State where your child is located (unless that State offers the services of a lawyer or legal aid free of charge).

You will also be responsible for the costs of exercising your rights of access with your child (e.g., airline tickets and accommodation).

For more information about the costs, please contact the Central Authority for Québec.

Time limit

You may file a request for assistance at any time.

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