2020-2021 policy direction and priorities of the Advisory committee on access to justice

Every year, the Advisory committee on access to justice determines a policy direction and the priorities that will guide the choice of projects funded under the Financial assistance program to promote access to justice.

Policy direction

The committee recommends the following policy direction:

When the lockdown associated with the coronavirus pandemic began in March 2020, few community organizations—and fewer still in the area of access to justice—were able to deliver optimal service in the context of the pandemic. This unprecedented situation had a severe impact on the provision of access to justice services. This revealed the needs of community organizations with regard to modernizing their activities, among other aspects.

In light of the public health emergency and the needs observed, the Advisory committee on access to justice recommends that the 2020-2021 call for projects serve as means of funding projects designed to maintain, adapt and improve access to justice services provided by community organizations in the context of the pandemic.

Policy direction and priorities

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