Information for offenders

The general alternative measures program (GAMP) for adults can offer you an opportunity to take responsibility for your actions and to settle the dispute that brought you into the justice system, avoiding the usual court proceedings.

Objectives of the Program

The goal of the Program is to help you:

  • take responsibility for your alleged offence;
  • contribute actively to compensating for the harm caused;
  • begin to take control of the problems that may explain your involvement with the justice system;
  • begin a positive social integration process that may help prevent you from committing other offences in the future. 

Operation of the Program

If, after assessing the evidence, the criminal and penal prosecuting attorney considers that you could benefit from the GAMP, the case will be forwarded to Québec correctional services to check eligibility for the Program. You may then receive a proposal to take part in the Program if the prosecuting attorney considers that it is in the interests of society and the victim and authorizes the application of alternative measures.

If you agree to take part in the Program, a community organization in your region will propose one or more alternative measures, and will then be responsible for ensuring that the measures are applied in the agreed way. The community organization may also ask the victim of the offence you are alleged to have committed to take part in some measures, such as a mediation session.

If the alternative measures are completed as agreed, the court may terminate proceedings against you. On the other hand, if you end your participation in the Program or cease to perform the alternative measures before they are completed, the judicial proceedings may continue.

Your rights and responsibilities

You have a number of rights and responsibilities when you agree to take part in the Program. For example:

  • you are responsible for complying with the commitments you make concerning the application of the alternative measures;
  • you must remain in contact with the community organization that supervises the application of the measures;
  • you are entitled to withdraw from the Program at any time, if you prefer your case to be dealt with via the regular court process.

The document Program (in French) and the procedure in the appendix explain how the Program operates.

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