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Public registry of persons found to be quarrelsome by the Court of Québec

When you receive a formal notice, you can check whether the person or enterprise intending to sue you has been found to be a quarrelsome litigant.

Such persons and enterprises are listed in the public registry of persons found to be quarrelsome by the Court of Québec.

This public register contains:

  • the names of persons and enterprises subject to an order by the Court of Québec finding them quarrelsome;
  • the content of each order.

The order limits the right of the person or enterprise concerned to act before the Court, since the person or enterprise must obtain authorization from a judge before launching any legal action. An order may be issued, for example, after the person or enterprise has launched a large number of unjustified cases.

Consulting the registry

To consult an order of prohibition:

  1. Enter in the appropriate box either; 

    1. an individual's last and first names, 
    2. he name of an enterprise, association or organization, or 
    3. the number of the court record;

  2. Launch the search;
  3. Click on the record number concerned.

It is your responsibility to read the order to understand its effect.

To consult the full judgment:

For more information on this topic, you should consult a legal professional.

Although the Ministère takes care to keep the register up to date, it cannot guarantee that it is exhaustive. In addition, it takes several days to process and register each new order.

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