Consulting the court ledger

If you want to find out more about a person's court record, or check whether an enterprise has been involved in proceedings or litigation in the past, you can consult the court ledger.


The court ledger is a public register containing court records for civil, criminal and penal proceedings in all courts in Québec.

In criminal cases, it contains information only on offences committed in Québec, and it excludes information on offenders who have been pardoned.

On request, it may also exclude information on an offender who:

  • was acquitted;
  • was released following the preliminary inquiry;
  • obtained an absolute discharge;
  • was bound over to keep the peace. 


Any person who wants to check the court record of another person or an enterprise with respect to civil, criminal or penal proceedings.


To consult the court ledger it is recommended that you use the on-line service Les Plumitifs, available on the website of the Société québécoise d’information juridique, and pay the required fees.

Limited access is provided to the court ledger workstations in courthouses. Please check with your courthouse for information and instructions.

You can also consult the ledger of a municipal court or administrative tribunal.

In general, no authorization is needed to access the record of a person or enterprise. However, in some cases you may be refused access if the record is confidential or subject to restricted access. 


The court ledger can be consulted free of charge at a courthouse. However, a fee is charged for on-line consultation. See the SOQUIJ website for the list of fees.

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