Family pre-mediation

A new free pre-mediation service, offered by Community Justice Centers (CJCs), is available to inform and help prepare couples who have opted for mediation. They may also contact a family mediator directly, as they have been entitled to do since the creation of the family mediation program.

The new pre-mediation service can provide the following:

  • Information on mediation (e.g., role of the mediator, how mediation works, and the advantages and disadvantages of mediation)
  • Information to help determine if family mediation is appropriate in your situation
  • General legal information on your situation
  • Help to invite your former spouse into mediation
  • Information on how to properly prepare for mediation (e.g., tips, tricks, exercises and tools)
  • Help to find a family mediator.

For more information about the pre-mediation service and to make an appointment, call the CJCs at 1 844 522-6900.

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