Requesting a transcript

A decision rendered by a judge of the Court of Québec or the Superior Court, can be appealed.

In general, a full or partial transcript of the file must be filed at the office of the Court of Appeal.

You can also apply for the reproduction of judicial hearings for personal purposes.


A transcript is a document that:

  • reproduces the spoken proceedings during a trial; or
  • reproduces a document included in the record for the trial.

In general, a transcript does not include some parts of the record, such as the judge’s decision and reasons. However, such parts may be included if:

  • the judge so orders; or
  • both parties agree.

Client base

Any person who wishes to appeal a judgment.


To request a transcript of all or part of a record, you must:

  • complete the form Request for a transcript and file it at the transcript office of the courthouse where the record is held; or
  • hire a private stenographer to transcribe the proceedings.

A fee will be payable, on the basis of an estimate of the length of the record.

Before requesting a transcript, you should make sure that the judge has not already ordered a transcript of part of the record.

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