Your rights

In Québec, the Act respecting assistance for victims of crime guarantees the rights of victims of crime, their immediate family members and their dependents.

As the victim of a crime committed in Québec, you are entitled to be treated with courtesy, fairness and understanding and with respect for your dignity and privacy.

You also have the right to be informed of

  • your rights;
  • the remedies available to you;
  • the availability of health services and social services or other appropriate assistance or prevention services through which you may obtain the medical, psychological and social care you require;
  • the progress and outcome of the police investigation (on request, and if possible);
  • your role in the criminal justice process;
  • your participation in criminal proceedings;
  • the progress and final disposition of the case.

In addition, you are entitled, to the extent provided by law, to

  • receive suitable assistance and support services;
  • benefit from protection against intimidation and retaliation;
  • make a written statement that will be submitted to the court at sentencing (Victim Impact Statement);
  • receive due consideration of their views and concerns at the appropriate stages of legal proceedings, if your personal interest is affected;
  • receive reasonable compensation for any expenses incurred to testify;
  • receive prompt and fair restitution or compensation for damages suffered;
  • have property that is seized (for example, to support the investigation) returned to you as soon as possible when it is no longer required for legal purposes.
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