Victims of sexual assault

Anyone can be a victim of sexual assault, whether a man or a woman, and whatever your age.

If you are a victim of sexual assault, you can report the assault and obtain assistance.

Forms of sexual assault

Sexual assault is a sexual contact forced by one person upon another person who has not willingly consented (in French) to the contact. The aggressor may, to facilitate the assault, use:

  • blackmail;
  • intimidation;
  • verbal, physical or mental violence. 

There are various forms of sexual assault, for example involving:

  • sexual contact such as touching, fellation, masturbation or penetration;
  • sexual harassment;
  • voyeurism.

In most cases, the victim knows the aggressor, who may be in a position of trust or of authority.

Consequences of sexual assault

Sexual assault has significant physical and mental effects on the victim, who is subjected to major stress. For example, the victim may experience:

  • relational difficulties;
  • sexual or eating disorders;
  • anxiety;
  • depression.

The victim may also:

  • lose his or her self-esteem;
  • have feelings of shame or guilt.

Requesting assistance

To obtain assistance, you should contact one of the aid organizations in your region.

Reporting the assault

To report the assault, contact your local police department (in French).

Applying for a protection order

To obtain protection from your aggressor, you can apply to the court for a protection order.

A third party may also apply for the order on your behalf.

Terminating a lease

If you no longer feel safe in a rented dwelling, you can terminate your lease.

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