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Negotiation is used in all dispute prevention and resolution process. Negotiation refers to voluntary communications and discussions between two or more persons undertaken in order to resolve a dispute.

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Mediation is a dispute prevention and resolution process.

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Dispute prevention and resolution (DPR) processes

Dispute prevention and resolution (DPR) processes offer a way to prevent or resolve a misunderstanding, problem, dispute or conflict.

The processes are voluntary, and the parties must opt for a specific process by mutual agreement.

The various processes are generally based on cooperation and participation by the parties, in order to find a solution that is satisfactory for all parties.

Civil proceedings

The field of civil law deals with relations between individual parties. If you want to assert or defend your rights against another person or company, you must go through the civil courts.

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Sending a formal notice before filing an application

In some types of proceedings, a formal notice is required, and you may lose your case simply because you failed to send a notice. It is better not to take the risk: you should always send a formal notice before beginning proceedings.

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Decisions of the Tribunal administratif du logement

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