Right to use a spring or watercourse

You are entitled to use and harness a spring that is located on your property. 

You may also use water from a lake or pond that is entirely located within the limits of your property, provided you do so for your own needs only, and maintain the quality of the water.

If you own waterside land, you may use the water from a lake or watercourse on or crossing your land for your own needs, provided you comply with the following rules:

  • You must redirect the water to its normal course after use, and must not make significant changes to the quality or volume of water.
  • You must not use the water in a way that would prevent it from being used by other people with access to it.

Lastly, to avoid pollution or depletion of the water, a person who is entitled to use a spring, lake, sheet of water, underground river or any other running water may require the destruction or alteration of any structure that is polluting or depleting the water, unless it would be contrary to the general interest.

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