Appealing from a decision of the Régie du logement

Decisions rendered by the Régie du logement may be appealed from if leave is granted by a judge of the Court of Québec when the matter in dispute is one that should be submitted to that court.

However, there are cases in which appeals to the Court of Québec are not possible. We suggest that you check with the Régie du logement or a legal advisor to obtain an opinion on your specific situation.


A motion for leave to appeal must be filed with the office of the Court of Québec at the place in which the dwelling is situated. The motion must be accompanied by a copy of the decision and by the documents supporting the contestation, if they were not reproduced in the decision.

The motion, along with a notice of presentation, must be served on the adverse party and filed in the office of the Court of Québec within 30 days after the date of the decision. It must state the conclusions sought, and contain a brief statement by the applicant of the grounds he or she intends to rely on.

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