Revocation of a judgment of the Tribunal administratif du logement

There are many reasons to apply for revocation of a decision made by the Tribunal administratif du logement.

You may apply for revocation of a decision if you feel that the conclusions reached by the tribunal in its decision might have been different:

  • if you had been able to attend the hearing (this supposes that you were prevented from attending);
  • If, although present at the hearing, you were prevented from supplying evidence as a result of surprise, fraud or any other reason considered sufficient by the tribunal;
  • If the court failed to rule on part of the application, or ruled beyond the scope of the application.

How to apply for revocation

If you wish to apply for revocation, you must do so in writing within 10 days after you learned of the decision or, where applicable, after you were no longer prevented from attending the hearing or supplying evidence.

Consequences for execution

An application for revocation suspends the execution of the decision and interrupts the period for appeal or review until the parties have been notified of the decision.

For additional information on applications for revocation and their impacts on the execution of a decision, please contact the Tribunal administratif du logement  directly .

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