Family mediation is generally used by couples, with or without children, who are separating.

They can use family mediation, for example, to reach an agreement on support payments, the sharing of property, or child custody.

The Ministère de la Justice offers a family mediation program. Parents with dependent children who are separating can attend mediation sessions free of charge.

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From February 18, 2021, to June 30, 2022, couples with no common dependent children will be eligible for three hours of free mediation with an accredited family mediator. This is an enhancement to the Ministère’s Family mediation program. It gives you the opportunity to settle your separation amicably, whether you are married or not.

What is more, a new free pre-mediation service is available to couples who have opted for mediation. This service to inform and help prepare you for mediation is offered by the Community Justice Centers. It can equip you for mediation, should you require it. You may also contact a family mediator directly, as you have been entitled to do since the creation of the family mediation program.

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