Opposition to seizure following a decision at the Small Claims division

A debtor may oppose seizure.

Small claims

Following a judgment at the Small Claims Division, you can oppose seizure by serving your opposition on the bailiff, the creditor and the garnishee.

Opposition to the seizure of income in the hands of a third person

If you income is seized in the hands of a third person, you can oppose the seizure by sending a notice to the clerk. The clerk then becomes responsible for following up on your request by notifying the parties and the bailiff without delay and set a hearing date.

Opposition to the seizure or proposed sale of property

If the seizure affects some of your property, you must:

  • use the form Contestation of the garnishee's declaration, and
  • present your opposition in the district of the court that rendered the judgment that gave rise to the initial notice of execution.

The clerk will promptly notify the parties and the bailiff and will set a hearing date.

For more information, you should contact the court bailiff responsible for the seizure or the clerk.

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