Power of attorney (mandate)

There are many different situations in which you need to give another person responsibility for carrying out a particular action on your behalf. For example, you could be leaving on vacation and not have time to sell your car or sign the lease for a new apartment. Or you could be physically disabled, but mentally sound, and need someone to carry out your financial transactions. In each case, you can use a mandate to give a person you trust responsibility for handling these actions on your behalf.

The type of mandate discussed in this section should not be confused with a mandate given in anticipation of the mandator’s incapacity.

The type of mandate presented here authorizes a person to carry out everyday administrative tasks on behalf of another person – for example:

  • to pay bills;
  • perform bank transactions;
  • to sign a lease for an apartment;
  • to sign a contract to sell a building.

In other words, the mandate concerns only the administration of property. It is commonly known in English as a “power of attorney”.

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