What needs to be done if a close relative or friend dies

A number of things need to be done following the death of a close relative or friend. If you are a potential heir, or a close relative or friend, of the deceased person, you may need to:

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Partitioning of the family patrimony and liquidation of the matrimonial or civil union regime

If the deceased was married or in a civil union when he or she died, you must, as the liquidator responsible for the succession:

  • partition the family patrimony;
  • liquidate the matrimonial or civil union regime.

These steps must be taken before settling the rest of the succession, whether testamentary or legal.

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Unclaimed or refused successions

A succession is considered to be unclaimed or refused where:

  • a person dies without leaving a spouse or family;
  • all the successors refuse the succession;
  • there is no known successor, or no successor comes forward to claim the succession.

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