Once you have deposited the seizable portion of your income with the clerk, it is distributed to the creditors in proportion to the amount of their claim. In other words, each creditor receives part of your deposit.

The money is distributed to the creditors at least quarterly (once every three months), using the following formula:

(Individual debt / Total of your debts) X Total of your deposits = Proportional share


You have named 3 creditors in your voluntary deposit declaration. Their claims are as follows:

  • $700 (creditor A);
  • $800 $ (creditor B);
  • $3,500 $ (creditor C).

You owe a total of $5,000.

If you deposit $75 per week, after 12 weeks (one quarter) the court will have $900 ready for distribution.

The distribution to your creditors is calculated using the formula given above. 

Example - distribution to your creditors
Creditor A  ($700 / $5,000) X $900 = $126
Creditor B($800 / $5,000) X $900 = $144
Creditor C  ($3,500 / $5,000) X $900 = $630

Support payments

If one of your creditors is a person to whom you owe support payments, the proportion of the distribution may change. In addition, the distribution will be made at least monthly.

For more information on this topic, see the page Special rules if support payments are owed.

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