Loss of the protection of voluntary deposit and closure of your file

If you fail to meet your obligations, one of your creditors may file a request with the Court of Québec asking it to remove your protection under the voluntary deposit procedure. For example, this may occur if:

  • you move but fail to notify the Court of Québec of your change of address;
  • you start a new job but do not declare it;
  • you fail to deposit the required amounts.

After receiving the request from your creditor, the clerk will inform you in a notice. You will have 30 days to correct the situation; if you fail to do so, your file will be closed and you will lose the protection of voluntary deposit.

However, if you present a serious reason explaining why you did not act within the time limit, the clerk may extend it, for a maximum of 30 days.

Other situations

The following situations may also lead to the closure of your voluntary deposit file:

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