Collection and remittance of support payments outside Québec

If you do not regularly receive the support payments to which you are entitled under a judgment rendered in Québec, you can have the judgment enforced outside of the province.

You can have the judgment enforced in all Canadian provinces and territories, as well as in the following 10 U.S. states: California, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Vermont.

Learn more about Revenu Québec’s support payment collection program.

Mutual aid in judicial matters between France and Québec

A voluntary support payment recovery regime exists between France and Québec.

Under this regime, if your judgment was rendered in Québec or in France, you can request for support payments to be recovered if the person who owes them to you (the debtor) resides in the other country. 

Ask a lawyer about the application of the Entente between France and Québec respecting mutual aid in judicial matters (voluntary recovery).

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